Mockup version 4

15 July 2006
Download from the sourceforge page. The latest release comes with major enhancements including,
The current mockup versions are for advanced users only. They are compiled against development versions of Qt 4 and KDE 4. You need to compile them first, before being able to compile anthias.


This is the changelog for the mockup versions.

Version 4

15 July 2006
+ Demo shell and communication protocol.
+ A basic completion system.

Version 3.1

22 March 2006
* Gui cleanup. The terminal emulations now resises properly and fills up available space.

Version 3

22 March 2006
+ Real terminal emulation based on Konsole sources.
+ Based on KDE4 and QT4.

Version 2

22 March 2006
+ Hierarchial directory viewer.
+ Tab support (Create multiple tabs using Ctrl+D)

Version 1

+ Support for simple non-interactive commands.


The mockups utilise Konsole sources, which are released under it's own license. The mockup code doesn't have any stringent license. The project will be finally released under GPL.